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"That's where my memories lay, on the banks of the English Bay. Beneath the tree-lined cityscape, the grey sky and the falling rain."

Kate. Canadian. Twenty-something. Die hard Vancouver Canucks fan. Loves music, hockey, movies, travelling, history & the city of Vancouver.

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Revenge S 3 Bloopers. 

Emily VanCamp: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x].

An excellent hike with an excellent friend!
#Repost from @kezialynne with @repostapp (at Quarry Rock)

That says it all ⚓️ (at Jericho Beach)

(via lafferti)

Today is #WorldElephantDay! Back in March, @kezialynne captured perfectly how I feel about these incredible animals 🐘 #Elphie (at The Oregon Zoo)

So much of my childhood was made up of watching Robin Williams movies with my brother and years later, we’re still constantly quoting them. This man had such an impact on film and my whole generation.


Rest in Peace, you wonderful and talented human being.

Amy Abbott + Smiling/Happy