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"That's where my memories lay, on the banks of the English Bay. Beneath the tree-lined cityscape, the grey sky and the falling rain."

Kate. Canadian. Twenty-something. Die hard Vancouver Canucks fan. Loves music, hockey, movies, travelling, history & the city of Vancouver.

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Have you had a great love in your life, where it just hurts that it didn’t work out?

Yeah, yeah.

dr. danny ‘diamond dan’ castellano in 3x01

I was once a stripper named Diamond Dan.


The Mindy Project S03E01

John Oliver on the  Scottish ‘Better Together’ campaign slogan. 

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John Oliver is begging Scotland to vote “no”. If you’re curious about why that involves a unicorn, you should watch the video.

Clip from 3x01 ‘We’re A Couple Now, Haters’

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2014 Toronto International Film Festival - “Before We Go” Premiere

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