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"That's where my memories lay, on the banks of the English Bay. Beneath the tree-lined cityscape, the grey sky and the falling rain."

Kate. Canadian. Twenty-something. Die hard Vancouver Canucks fan. Loves music, hockey, movies, travelling, history & the city of Vancouver.

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Hello Sunshine ☀️ (at Keats Island)

Perfect end to a perfect day 🎆 (at Keats Island)

Post dinner swimming conditions 🏊 (at Keats Island)

Well done, Gibsons. (at Sunny Crest Mall)

A little bit of summer is what the whole year’s all about ☀️ (at Keats Island)

Day 18 : Admire 🐘 #fmsphotoaday #photoadayjuly (at Dublin Zoo)

This little stinker is the best ❤️👍 (at The Half Penny Bridge)

Day 17 : Sunshine. Great weather, fantastic music and wonderful company ☀️ #fmsphotoaday #photoadayjuly (at Cill Airne Boat Bar)

Day 16 : Listening to… @samsmithworld, @katyperry & @mindykaling provided the soundtrack as I wandered Dublin today. #fmsphotoaday #photoadayjuly (at Spire of Dublin)

Day 15 : Torn. #fmsphotoaday #photoadayjuly (at Connolly Train Station Dublin)